Washington State University Nuclear Science Center
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We train WSU students to become U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensed Reactor Operators and Senior Reactor Operators for our reactor. Our operators are tour guides, operations engineers, radioactive material handlers, emergency coordinators, and radiation control advisors all rolled into one.
Community outreach and education is considered one of the most powerful and influential missions of our center. That’s why we offer tours of the facility and reactor to the community, students, teachers, and professors, free of charge. We believe that education about what we do and what this facility contributes to the national and international community is vital to our success.
The WSU Nuclear Science Center is a WSU Center within the Office of Research and located in the Dodgen Research Facility. The center runs and maintains the WSU Reactor, a 1 MW TRIGA® (Teaching Research Isotope production General Atomics) nuclear research reactor, gamma irradiation facilities, a mass spectrometer, an X-ray diffractometer, and an assortment of radiochemistry and neutron activation analysis laboratories.